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Track Air Quality

See air pollution like PM 10 and PM 2.5 in real time, right from your pocket

See Pollen & UV

Track 3 types of pollen (grass, trees and weed), as well as the UV index

View History

View historical pollution data for all locations to see trends in movement

World Pollution Map

Get an overview of the current air quality all around the globe

Apple Watch App

Use the AirCare Apple Watch app to always have access to the AQI on your wrist

Educate and Empower

Learn what you can to help the fight for clean air in your area

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Breathing clean air is a human right! 9 out of 10 people are exposed to air pollution, and 7 million will die this year alone from it.

AirCare aims to inform every citizen about the quality of air that they breathe, helping raise awareness and inspire action.

What started as a local movement in Macedonia in 2014, has grown to a worldwide community that empowers citizens to help not only spread awareness about air polltuion, but also lobby for greener and cleaner policies!

AirCare has won over 20 awards on a national and international level, by some of the most influential organizagtions like the UN, T-Mobile, and the President of North Macedonia.